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Monday, 10 January 2011 10:11

Choosing your wedding venue

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One very crucial and vital thing you need to consider while deciding a wedding venue in South Africa is to consider the atmosphere and the emplacement of the wedding venue you are going to find for your dream wedding. These are some good ways that will help you to choose a fine venue for your wedding.Garden venue: most suited to summer and spring weddings, this venue can be adapted with the use of marquees or tented arrangements. Think floating fabrics, meadow flowers and summer fruits for a romantic idyll. Many people choose to get married in their own gardens in the comfort of familiar surroundings whilst saving money on a venue.If you have acquaintances and family isolated all over the place, you could make a list of your invitees and their emplacements, and choose to marry in an area that would be accessible for the bulk. You could as well pick out an area just because it has special implication for the two of you. Perhaps you met there, or had your first holiday together there. When you have ascertained the area you would like to get married, make a list of all the possible wedding venues in that area.

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